About Us

Beacon Advisory Services (BAS) recognizes that development and growth of our client’s core business is the most important asset to their success.

With more than 35 years working experience in the Education and Healthcare sectors, BAS is uniquely positioned to understand your needs in the areas of talent acquisition, employee development, retention and employee engagement.

At BAS, our objective is simple

Through the Beacon model, our goal is to enrich our client's ability to maximize growth and operational efficiency, provide access to an engaged educational network, and enhance the ability to deliver successful talent acquisition outcomes benefiting both our healthcare group partners and their patients.


For Our Healthcare Partners

By partnering with Beacon Advisory Services, you will have access to your network with your exclusive pipeline of institutions which will directly influence student curriculum aligned with your mission, values, and culture, resulting in graduates equipped to succeed.

Clinical Support staff hired through our network– tailored and trained to your organization and respective mission will result in increased patient and clinician satisfaction.

Partnering with Beacon allows:

  • Ability to begin recruiting evaluation process earlier
  • Improve hiring outcomes, decrease time to fill, associated recruiting costs and administration
  • Identify top talent prior to graduates entering the job market
  • Forecast incoming talent with monthly scheduled graduations
  • Create and offer specialized curriculum
  • Lower turnover by improving quality of hires


For Our Education Partners

Joining the Beacon network will give you a higher, more strategic level relationship with healthcare groups, which allows the ability to:

  • Partner with renowned Beacon healthcare groups
  • Through partnership comes visibility
  • Improve student outcomes, and reduce administrative tasks, timeframes, and costs
  • Capability to give students access to specialized curriculum, and a head start in their job search efforts
  • Ability to improve the performance and value of your school
  • Transform your organization into a “School of Choice” through mutual Beacon partner relationship benefits


Beacon Connect

Our proprietary tool Beacon Connect gives your Career Services team a simple, combined view of open jobs across all of the healthcare groups in the Beacon network.  It brings healthcare groups to you, instead of the other way around

  • Student data is available to engaged healthcare recruiters 24/7
  • Healthcare open positions are available to placement reps 24/7
  • Maintains school and healthcare group relationships even if personal relationships end
  • Obtains/updates student status through the recruiting and hiring process
  • Ability to speed up placement process timeframes with less administration and provide metrics reporting